Making Connections and Keeping Them Tight

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QwikLine-ProductsThreaded rods, bolts, and nuts are obviously used everywhere in the world and have been around for a long, long time. As an established industry, it seems that making connections and keeping them tight would be a rather straight-forward activity, however, often times that isn’t the case. Problems arise when threads become damaged for many reasons, including harsh environments, rusting, and misalignment during the installation or removal of nuts resulting in cross-threading.

Companies in the fastener industry have developed good solutions for repairing damaged threads in a tapped hole, but surprisingly, no good solutions exist in industrial applications for securing nuts to or removing from damaged bolts and threaded rods or repairing the threads themselves…until now.

QwikLine™ is bringing to market products using an innovative technology, Slide Lock Technology, with the potential to add significant value anywhere there is a threaded rod or bolt…in any industry…anywhere in the world.

The QwikLine™ Thread Chaser – allows for quick, reliable, high-precision and cost-effective repair of damaged threads on bolts and rods.

We continuously strive to provide the most innovative products for our customers. If there is a product solution that you would like to see offered, please let us know. We welcome your thoughts and opinions which allow us to better serve you.