World’s Fastest High Precision Industrial Thread Repair Tool

QwikLine™ Thread Chaser

NEW-2014-QTC-Product-Shot-ClippedQwikLine’s™ revolutionary, patent-pending QwikLine™ Thread Chaser is a line of heavy duty, industrial strength products used to repair damaged threads on bolts and rods. The QwikLine™ Thread Chaser slides down the bolt or rod over the damaged threads, aligns with the good threads, then reverses back up the entire bolt or rod, repairing the damaged threads along the way…. in a fraction of the time with greater precision than other methods.

Product Features

  • Repairs lightly to severely damaged threads with ease, regardless of location of damage
  • Certified for use with both Impact Wrench and Hand Wrench, an industry first
  • Longest life thread repair tool – Made in USA with industrial-grade materials and design
  • Easiest to use; slide tool down and back up one-time (without oil) for high precision repair (no over/under cutting)
  • Small form factor for use in tight spaces
  • Wide Range of Sizes: SAE 3/8” to 4”, Metric 10mm to 100mm, with larger sizes available upon request
  • If we don’t have a size you need, we can make it!
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Extraordinary Results

  • Exceptionally Fast thread repairs…seconds to great threads!
  • Impact Wrench allows for speedy repairs, even when repairing larger sizes and heavily damaged threads!
  • Eliminates Cross-Threading!
  • Precise and Reliable thread repair!
  • No Oily Mess!
  • High Return On Investment (ROI)!

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